Grit Richter was born in Dresden in 1977. From 1997-99 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden, before she continued her study at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg. Being mentored by Professor Norbert Schwontkowski, she graduated with a diploma in 2007.
Grit Richter lives and workes in Hamburg/Germany. Her works were shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions. She’s been awarded scholarships and grants like the Working Grant for Visual Arts of the City of Hamburg, DAAD Travel Grant, Project Grant by the Cultural Office Hamburg and a nomination for the Villa Aurora Fellowship. Between 2015-2018 she held a lectureship for painting at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

Besides her work as a visual artist, Richter has always been passionate about underground electronic music. As from 2000, she was pursuing her passion by working as a DJ or initiating several underground club events and was actively involved in these activities for more than ten years. Experimental electronic music stays a big influence for her up to today.

Solo Exhibitions

2020 Mixed Feelings | Galerie Tanja Wagner | Berlin
2019 Solo presentation at The Armory Show (w/ Galerie Tanja Wagner) | New York
2018 The Space Between Us | Galerie Tanja Wagner | Berlin
2017 Danke für Alles | Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz – Museum Gunzenhauser
2016 My Skin Is Thicker Than Yours | Galerie Tanja Wagner | Berlin
2015 Solo presentation at abc Art Berlin Contemporary (w/ Galerie Tanja Wagner) | Berlin
2014 Das große Haus Selbst | Galerie Tanja Wagner | Berlin
2013 Sometimes It Lasts Forever. And Ever. | Galerie Tanja Wagner | Berlin
2012 Das schöne Ende | Galerie Kai Erdmann | Hamburg (w/ Stefan Sandrock)
2011 Kiss Goodbye Hello | Elektrohaus | Hamburg
2010 Wolle was da komme | Galerie Seiler | Munich
2009 Pondor | Westwerk | Hamburg
2008 Monolith | Stellwerk | Kassel
2007 Den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht | Diplomausstellung | HfbK Hamburg | Galerie Carolyn Heinz (w/ Astrid Köppe) | Hamburg


2021 Club Quarantina | Grimmmuseum Berlin and others (upcoming)
Imagine the City | The Gate – wohin führt das Tor zur Welt? | Hamburg (upcoming)
2020 HOW TO HUMAN | Galerie Tanja Wagner | Berlin
Frieze London (Online Viewing Rooms) with Galerie Tanja Wagner
A Matter of Touch | Kunst- und Projekthaus Torstrasse 111 | Berlin
Spring of 2020 | Galerie Tanja Wagner | Berlin
THE LAST UNICORN | Showroom MTFA | Munich
2019 Art Cologne with Galerie Tanja Wagner | Cologne
THE LAST UNICORN | Showroom MTFA | Munich
Art Berlin with Galerie Tanja Wagner | Berlin
CHECK YOUR HEAD | Rockefeller Center for the Contemporary Arts | Dresden
Salon der Gegenwart | Hamburg
2018 The Arthouse Vol.01 | Hamburg
Toy Bitches Fuck You | Galerie Kai Erdmann | Hamburg
2017 Learning From Big Mistakes | 53 Orchard Street | New York
2016 Empires of Dust | Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku | Finland
Painting is a painting is a painting | Galerie Tanja Wagner | Berlin
2014 Ego Editions | Galerie Tanja Wagner | Berlin
53 Portaits of Stefan Sandrock | Feinkunst Krüger | Hamburg
Hauptstadt | Galerie Kai Erdmann | Berlin
On Painting | Frappant | Hamburg
2013 Objects of my Affection | Galerie M + R Fricke | Berlin
Hamburger Bahnhof | Power Galerie | Hamburg
32th Scholarship for Visual Arts of Hamburg City | Deichtorhallen / Collection Falckenberg (catalogue)
2012 OUTBACK Girl | Open Museum at Plateau der Hamburger Kunsthalle | Hamburg
AGORA | Frappant | Hamburg
Hôtel Particulier | Galerie Oel-Frueh | Hamburg
2011 Moraltarantula V | Zollamt | Hamburg
Candidats for the Scholarship of Hamburg City | Kunsthaus | Hamburg
2010 Powerhouse | Powergallery | Hamburg
Moraltarantula IV | Elektrohaus | Hamburg
2009 N.N. | Doppel De | Dresden
Herpst 9 | Powergallery in der Sternschanze 1 | Hamburg
2008 WirnennenesHamburg | Kunstverein Hamburg (catalogue)
Pegnitz rechts Hersbruck | Westwerk | Hamburg
Junge Kunst im BMU – Acquisitions 2006 & 2007 | Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conversation, Building and Nuclear Safety | Bonn
2007 Gestern, Heute, Übermorgen | Westwerk | Hamburg
Eleven Masters from the Academy of Fine Arts | German Ambassador’s Residence | London
International Times | 78 Lyndhurst Way/Spaceplatform | London
Pudelkollektion | Hamburg
INDEX 07 | Kunsthalle, Hamburg (catalogue)
2006 INDEX 06 | Kunsthalle, Hamburg (catalogue)
Das Haus der Glücksseligkeit und der Blick auf die Nordseite | HfbK | Hamburg

Awards and Grants

2020 Project Grant awarded by the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung
2016 Project Grant awarded by the cultural office Hamburg
2016 Nominated for the Villa Aurora Fellowship
2012 Working Grant for Visual Arts of the City of Hamburg
2009/10 DAAD Travel Grant


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