Fatigue Mom (03)

Foam, stretch velvet and latex
15 x 115 x 170cm


„Richter addresses in particular the theme of motherhood in a number of works created after the pandemic lockdown. Its intense and sometimes conflicting emotions, challenges and the strong connection between mother and child find form in fabric covered sculptures. All with disproportionally long and thin limbs, the figures contrast in almost every other respect. The flat oblong pink body of Fatigue Moms (01) reclines on the floor and is both exhausted but also contorted into a posture that suggests the provision of a seat, as a mother often does for her child. Fatigue Moms (02)’s bulbous red velvet silhouette evokes a prehistoric fertility figurine whose fabric covering slightly sags to create folds like those of a mother’s apron or stomach after recent childbirth. Resembling a small mattress slumped against the wall, Fatigue Moms (03), has no energy left for composure or comportment and simply sags in momentary defeat.“


press release from Galerie Tanja Wagner, 2020